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Partnerships with over 40 Canadian universities and colleges

Congratulations on graduating high school! That was the first step towards creating the life that you desire. The Pathway program at SSLC Sprott Shaw Language College was designed to give you the best chance to succeed in Canada’s top universities.

Enrolling in our pathway program will get you prepared for academic studies, and give you while giving you preferential access to world-renowned universities.

Where Students

Come First


SSLC – Sprott Shaw Language College has partnership agreements with over 35 universities and colleges. Through our incredibly valuable pathway program, you can earn an undergraduate or postgraduate degree from many of the top institutions in Canada.

The Canadian education system of higher education is challenging and administered at an advanced level of English.

Graduating from our pathway program will give you the necessary transfer credits to fast track your admittance and graduation from accredited universities and colleges across Canada.

At SSLC, we have dedicated counsellors that are passionate about helping students reach their educational goals and dreams.


Your Life As A Direct Transfer Awaits


When you join the Pathway Program at SSLC, you are already one step ahead of your competition. Securing space in one of Canada’s top universities can be a competitive endeavour.

By utilizing our Pathway Program, you have a big advantage! Our partnership agreements with Canadian universities and colleges ensures that your credit hours earned from SSLC, are directly transferable to your chosen school.

Our education specialist at SSLC will put together a very attractive application on your behalf, and personally submit it to your chosen schools. Often times, students who go through our pathway program do not need to take any further English examinations such as the IELTS / TOEFL.


Pathway Program Slides

Below you will find our unique pathway program details on Google Slides:

How Does Your Pathway Program Work?

Our unique pathway program will follow the numbered steps below:


We will first sit down together and evaluate your goals and aspirations. At this juncture, we want to learn about what you imagine yourself doing in 5-10 years. This is your opportunity to paint a picture of who you are for us.


Now that we understand what you want, we will ascertain your eligibility. By reviewing your high school transcripts and extracurricular activities, our dedicated counsellors will be able to tell you if you are eligible to enter into our pathway program.


During the application process, our knowledgeable staff will put together a life-changing application to be sent off to your universities of choice. As a well known and accredited language school, your application will be considered with the utmost care and objectivity.


To help our students prepare themselves for university life, we offer complimentary academic counselling. These classes are designed to help you graduate and enter into the Canadian workforce.

Quest For Excellence

Imagine Greatness
Imagine Greatness

If you’re unable to meet the minimum academic requirements for colleges and universities in Canada, SSLC Pathway Program could be your ticket to study in North America.

Learning, Friendship and Fun for Everyone
Learning, Friendship and Fun for Everyone

We do our best to make you feel at home throughout your studies at SSLC.

Where Students Are Achievers
Pride In Excellence
Pride In Excellence

Your experience will be personalised to meet your goals and we will help you every step of the way.

Together We Make The Difference


Colleges and Universities in Canada

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