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Sprott Shaw Language College

Integrated Pathway Bridging Program

Your Door To The Future

An integrated program that builds upon a learner’s English foundational skills that are acquired through General English. Learners will then be provided with in-depth professional assistance via our Intermediate English for Post-Secondary Education (IEPE) course. IEPE is an intensive preparation program for those who wish to enter a post-secondary institution and has been proven to be a valuable stepping stone to exploring all academic avenues. Important skills will be focused on such as speaking, organizing, summarizing and note-taking. Once completed, SSLCs official English for Post-Secondary Education (EPE) Pathway program will then provide the learner with the tools essential for academic research, study skills and essay composition that are typically found in Canadian post-secondary institutions.

Integrated Pathway Bridging Program ( IPBP )

Duration of Study: 36 weeks
Program: 25hrs/week Full time

Admission Requirements
Students must successfully complete SSLC Preparatory Pathway Program (PPP) prior to the admission into the Integrated Pathway Bridging Program.


  • Grammar – 75%
  • Vocabulary – 75%
  • Leadership – 75%
  • Creativity – 50%
  • Listening – 100%
  • Speaking – 100%
  • Critical Thinking – 75%
  • Writing – 100%
  • Presentation- 100%

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