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Sprott Shaw Language College is a leading English language school in Canada with campuses in Vancouver, Victoria, and Toronto. We offer a variety of English courses for all age groups. Learn English in Canada with SSLC!

Sprott Shaw Language College offers an impressive range of program options to ESL students of all ages for any and all occasions all year round, including regular and general ESL, business English and power speaking programs, academic English and university pathway programs, test preparation programs, as well as vacation and year-round programs for children and juniors.

With its unique and customized curricula and materials, students focus on acquiring and improving English skills in all areas. SSLC also accommodates special arrangements for groups for customized programs.




Language Courses


Spectacular mountains, beautiful beaches, exciting nightlife, and friendly people, all in a safe and clean setting – no wonder Vancouver is one of the best cities in the world to live in!


Situated on Vancouver Island, Victoria, the capital of British Columbia, is one of the most scenics of all Canadian destinations and a unique mesh of British, European and Asian influences.


Canada’s largest city has also been recognized by Forbes Magazine as one of the fastest growing cities among the G7/8 nations.

ESL for Adults

2-52 week classes

If you want to improve your English level to help you communicate, work or travel, this program is for you. The program covers reading, writing, listening and speaking at all levels, from beginner to advanced.

Children & Junior Programs

2-52 week classes

SSLC offers quality language instruction to students of all ages. Parents can come with their children and study together at our campus, and also have the option to stay in the same homestay. The programs are a great way for younger students to learn English in a warm. supportive environment and create better opportunities for their future.

IELTS courses

2-52 week classes

If you need to use your English as communication for work or study, this program will help you get there. They will assess your proficiency and get you ready for the IELTS exams. 

Business English

2-52 week classes

Business English brings students into a modern business environment where technology plays an important role in day-to-day operations. Students will learn how to read, write, understand and discuss various business-related topics using newspaper articles, textbooks, podcasts, and websites.

English for Academic Purposes

2-52 week classes

If you want to study at college or university in Canada, this program is ideal. It develops your English and important skills such as writing essays and reports, listening, discussing and reading effectively.

English for specific purposes

2-52 week classes

These programs are ideal for working in hospitality, tourism and many other businesses.

– Airline Cabin Crew English Training

– English Through Translation

– Power Speaking and Modern Media

Global Leaders

Find out more about SSLC summer programs

Vancouver Good Time Summer

Find out more about SSLC summer camps in Vancouver

 Summer Fun

Find out more about summer camps in Victoria and Toronto


Happy students.



“In the school, this course was challenging, the teachers were very good, the atmosphere excellent, and the students came from the whole world. Staying with a host family is really the best way to be sure to speak English and improve your skills since you can talk about everything, otherwise, they were very friendly so I felt like at home. Vancouver, the best spot ever, is a bustling city, there is always something to see, do, or places to visit whether during the week or in the weekend, different neighborhoods with different cultures.”




“For me, SSLC is one of the best language schools in Canada. From the first day onwards, I felt comfortable there. The staff is really friendly and always available. I also liked the EPE course: my teacher was great and the lessons were very interesting. I significantly improved my English. My Canadian experience will remain one of the greatest things in my life, forever engraved on my memory! I can say that I am really happy I met such friendly people and made such rapid progress in English!




“My experience in Vancouver was fantastic. I took the EPE course there and discovered cultures that were totally new to me with the other students. I met people from Latin America, Asia, Europe… I stayed at the school residence. With my roommates, we shared unique moments, like a real family. The locals are welcoming and relaxed. Thanks to SSLC, I came back home with my fluent English.”


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