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Sprott Shaw Language College


Break all language barriers

We understand that learning English is not just about the language, it is also about the experience. We offer students in-house activity coordinators to assist students with where to go, what to do and how to do it! ESL for Adults is designed to be customizable for each student’s preferences and needs. Students can choose one option from the morning classes, another one for the afternoon classes, and add extras. Students can choose from two different methodologies to suit individual learning styles and maximize learning outcomes.

ESL: Skill Combined (SC)

All skills combined into one well-balanced class:

  • Grammar,
  • Reading,
  • Writing,
  • Listening and Speaking.

Concentrate on developing your overall level of English through communicative classes that enrich learning and produce fast results.

Monday to Friday

ESL: Skill Focused (SF)

All skills separated into five intensive classes:

  • Grammar
  • Listening
  • Reading & Writing

Focus on developing different skills independently at various class levels, depending on your individual skill levels (flexible level system).

* To complement the ESK-SF morning classes, students are advised to take the following classes in the afternoon for complete skill coverage:


  • Pronunciation
  • Communication (Speaking)

Monday to Friday

Afternoon Classes

Afternoon Elective classes are designed to offer students a chance to learn English in a more specific field of interest or purpose.

The classes range from academic and test preparation to general conversation oriented classes to support every student’s learning objectives. Elective classes are offered to our students of all levels. We offer Electives for Beginners and all the way to Advanced Levels.

Elective classes run from Monday to Friday
From 1:00 to 3:00 pm.

On your first day during orientation and your interview with our teachers, you will be given an overview of what Electives are offered at the Campus.


Accommodate your interests


Strengthen areas of weakness


Provide solutions to specific needs


Enrich your overall student experience

Sample Elective Classes
  • Communication: Intensive Speaking Practice
  • Reading: Reading Guidance and Response
  • Writing: Writing Structure and Use
  • Basic Survival English: Build Competence and Confidence
  • Functional English: Build Confidence in Essential Real-World Skills
  • Social Issues and Discussion: Read, Watch and Respond to Contemporary Issues.
  • Pronunciation: Correct Common Errors and Practice
  • Language Through Movies: Build Listening and Speaking Skills
  • TOEIC Preparation: Build Skills and Practice
  • Customer Service and Hospitality: Learn and Practice the Language of the Customer Service Workplace to Enhance Job Prospects
  • Cafe Training: Learn and Practice the Language of the Customer Service Workplace to Enhance Job Prospects
  • Academic Study Skills: Instruction and Practice for Post-Secondary Training
  • Business Writing: Build Communication Skills for the Workplace
Sample Extra Clubs & Workshops

Students can have an extra opportunity to learn and practice more English with free extra clubs and workshops after School.

Sample Extra Clubs:

  • English Lounge (conversation class)
  • Intensive Extra Grammar
  • Yoga Club
  • Guitar Club

Sample Workshops:
Resume Workshop
Interview Workshop

  • Customized program components based on students’ personal goals and needs
  • Easy transfer to Specialized Programs and Career Programs
  • Personalized students’ daily schedule with a flexible choice of study hours
  • Academic advising and personal guidance to map the right learning path
  • Strictly enforced English Only policy to encourage students to use English at all times

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