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Sprott Shaw Language College


Canada’s Most Exciting Language School Is Waiting For You

You may be asking yourself, what makes SSLC unique?

Our language instructors are carefully vetted for their intelligence, credentials, experience, and personality. It takes a special someone to be an effective teacher. By staffing only the best of the best, we ensure that our teachers are capable of making a personal connection with our students.

By cultivating a unique relationship with each one of our students, our teachers quickly learn their strengths and weaknesses. This inevitably helps our expert language professors to tailor a learning methodology based on the students’ learning preferences.

Students from over 75 countries around the world


SSLC is home to a thriving multi-cultural community

You will feel right at home while you are studying at SSLC. Our language school for international students is the perfect place to let your guard down and be comfortable. When you are surrounded by other like-minded individuals all trying to learn English, you will feel more confident.

As a country, Canada is home to a great mixture of diverse nationalities, cultures, and personalities. SSLC mirrors that spirit of multiculturalism on our campuses. Being surrounded by so many interesting people will inspire you to do great things.

World-Class Expertise

We are professional educators, business people, and advisers with over a decade of experience in the language school industry. By leveraging our expertise, you will gain the English skills necessary to take your career to the next level.

Over the years we have honed in on our core strengths to provide a world-class experience for each and every student.

You deserve only the best facilities, instructors, and curriculum. Everything from our classrooms to lesson plans has been created according to global standards.

By modelling our institution based on global values and principles, our students can rest assured that their English skills will be recognized anywhere in the world.

Top-Notch Reputation

SSLC stands strong as a pillar in Vancouver, Victoria, and Toronto communities. As a leader and innovator, we constantly strive to continually progress.

We invite each one of our students to leave their honest commentary and opinions to help prospective candidates get a first-hand experience of what life at SSLC is like.

As a leading language school, we take our role as educators and counsellors seriously. We maintain such a great reputation because we genuinely care. By providing personalized classes, we are able to make a lasting impression on the lives of our students. Join us at one of our Sprott Shaw Language College campuses to enhance your life today!

SSLC advisors speak over

30 languages



SSLC has language centers in Vancouver, Victoria, and Toronto. In the future, we plan on expanding across all of Canada. For now, you can find us in three of Canada’s largest cities.

By maintaining a presence in multiple cities, our students can feel comfortable that SSLC is a well-known institution with the resources capable of providing a proper learning environment.

All of our language centers have the capability and staff to provide you with the full spectrum of courses, programs, and advising. By choosing SSLC as your language school, you are guaranteeing that you receive a first-class education at affordable and convenient rates.

Three Incredible Locations Throughout Canada

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