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The Capital of British Columbia

First-Class Language School Helping You Build Lifetime Memories
Situated on Vancouver Island, Victoria, the capital of British Columbia, is one of the most scenic of all Canadian destinations and a unique mesh of British, European and Asian influences.

From its world-famous Butchart Gardens to the mesmerizing Parliament buildings, Victoria is a city not to be missed. So come and learn English with SSLC Victoria and discover what being an islander is all about!

Learn English in Victoria City

Studying English in British Columbia’s capital city will provide you with some interesting opportunities. Whether you were looking to learn English to enhance your academic journey, personal development, or for professional reasons, Victoria city will be the best place.

As the capital city of BC, you will find many opportunities, extracurricular activities, and higher education institutions to use your new English skills. Many people are attracted to the cosmopolitan lifestyle that Victoria city offers. If you love living in a highly diverse, multicultural, modern city, learning English in Victoria will be perfect for you.

Unique Approach To Language

By helping students build their confidence with the English language, we will allow you to spread your wings and fly within Canada. When studying English in Canada, you want to learn from an institution that fosters creativity and encourages outside of the box thinking.

Having the ability to confidently make mistakes is a critical part of learning English. We have developed a unique approach that helps students come outside of their comfort zone and practice freely. This increased level of independence with the English language will help you to learn from your mistakes and develop a sense of security when using the English language.

Located in British Columbia’s capital city of Victoria means we are held to a higher standard and academic level. At the Sprott Shaw Language College, we hire only the most qualified teachers With credentials that hold up to international standards.

You can rest assured that every teacher at any one of our SSLC campuses will always maintain a university degree and an English language teaching certificate from an accredited institution. By maintaining teachers who are passionate and enthusiastic about what they do, we guarantee that you will experience a level of instruction unlike any other institution in Canada.

Expert Level Teachers With International Qualifications

What To Do In Victoria City, British Columbia

As the capital of British Columbia you will find many historical treasures in and around Victoria city. When you are done soaking up all the historical pleasures of Victoria City, you have a multitude of environments and landscapes to explore. From the incredibly rugged yet beautiful coastline to lush rainforest dotted Mountains, Victoria city has it all.

The great outdoors can provide endless adventures for most. When you’re ready to take a step back into civilization, Victoria City is filled with incredible dining experiences, great shopping, a thriving nightlife scene and diverse community gatherings.

Whether you want to make a splash in the ocean, surf the coastline, gorge yourself on delicious poutine, or spend the day at a community park meeting other unique people, Victoria City offers you some incredible options.

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