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Vancouver offers you one of the most incredible locations to study the English language. Why not study English in British Columbia’s largest west coast city? When you begin classes at the Sprott Shaw Language College – SSLC Vancouver, you will be but a stone’s throw away from endless culture, heritage and community events.

The sheer diversity of people and languages are spoken within Vancouver is amazing. Join the incredible melting pot of ideas, philosophies, perspectives and ideologies that we call British Columbia. As a certified and accredited English language institution, SSLC offers you the chance to study English with a world-class curriculum in a first-class location.

English Programs in Vancouver

At the Sprott Shaw Language College, we offer language programs for both young adults, university students and adult professionals. The philosophy at SSLC is grounded in a practical education combined with immense repetition. Our comprehensive curriculum will get you speaking English on an advanced level very quickly.

By relating English lessons to everyday situations, you will quickly begin to understand English on a practical level. While learning English theory can be useful at times, we want to focus on getting you to formulate sentences as soon as possible. Once you start creating grammatically correct sentences, you can move forward to focus on repetition.

Why SSLC in Vancouver

SSLC has a reputation as being a quality language institution in Canada. In your search for an English language school in Vancouver, you should pay attention to the institutions’ style of teaching, classroom size and involvement in extracurricular activities. The Sprott Shaw Language College ticks all three of those boxes in spectacular fashion.

By providing more than just a top-quality education, you will receive a fully immersive experience. This includes best-in-class instructors, well-planned lessons, and an unforgettable holiday in Vancouver. By emphasizing the comprehensive nature of the Sprott Shaw Language Center, we allow you to learn English in Canada while enjoying yourself.

It’s beautiful, it’s lovely, and it’s sophisticated. Who wouldn’t want to study English on the lovely west coast of Canada. Vancouver, British Columbia is home to many attractions that bring people from all over the world. No matter which environment you are a fan of, Vancouver gives you the best of lush green mountain ranges, crystal clear waters and a lovely climate anyone would enjoy.

The 2010 Olympics were held in Vancouver due to the cities incredible combination of gourmet dining, outstanding live entertainment, great shopping, and a vibrant international community. Come visit our English language school in Vancouver, Canada and you will surely never want to leave.

Lovely City of Vancouver

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