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A General English program that focuses on strengthening grammar, speaking, listening, reading and writing skills by conveying a practical understanding of the English language needed for our Pathway Program. The purpose of the PPP program is to enable students to improve their English language skills to prosper in their academic studies. This is accomplished by completing task-based assignments within a communicative classroom that utilizes the learners’ life experiences and is guided by diversified classrooms and an integrated curriculum. The overall goal is for students to develop their English language skills as quickly and effectively as possible to aid with the transition to our Pathway Program.
Preparatory Pathway Program (PPP)
Duration of Study: 12 weeks
Program: 25hrs/week Full time
Admission Requirements
Students must take SSLC placement test. The program is open for students starting from beginner levels in both Skill Combined and Skill Focused ESL.


  • Grammar – 100%
  • Vocabulary – 100%
  • Leadership – 75%
  • Creativity – 50%
  • Listening – 100%
  • Speaking – 100%
  • Critical Thinking – 100%
  • Writing – 100%
  • Presentation- 100%

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