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English Blog


BLOG : The Coolest Neighbourhoods in Vancouver

One of the great things about studying in Vancouver is all the great places you can go when you’re not in class. 


BLOG : Only in Canada, Eh...

Do you speak Canadian? There are some terms and expressions you will only hear in Canadian English. 


BLOG : Job Search Tips

Do you want to work while you’re studying in Vancouver? No? Ok, do you have to work while you’re studying in Vancouver?


BLOG : What is Canadian Food?

There’s more to Canadian food than ketchup flavored potato chips. There’s also dill pickle flavored chips.


BLOG : Famous Canadians

Jim Carrey, Justin Bieber, Avril Lavigne, Cobie Smulders, Ryan Reynolds, James Cameron, Lilly Singh, Steve Nash, Celine Dion
and more… 


BLOG : Summer Festivals

Vancouver is a popular destination for winter sports enthusiasts. If you want to go skiing or snowboarding or take in a hockey game, this is the place.

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