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The Future Begins at SSLC!

At Sprott Shaw Language College, we want to put you on the path to greatness. Our primary goal at SSLC is to open your world to endless possibilities. We take great pride in serving as your educator, mentor, and adviser.

SSLC was founded to amplify and expand the opportunities you have in life. At our core, we are educators. Nothing makes us happier than to see our students progress and develop personally.

The courses at SSLC were designed to be convenient options for everyone. From beginners to professional employees, SSLC has pathways for anyone who wishes to improve their English language skills.

Connecting Students for over 24 Years


Our Philosophy at SSLC

Simply stated, we believe that anything is possible at SSLC. When you have instruction from qualified and experienced instructors, the sky’s the limit.

Whatever your dreams are, SSLC is dedicated to making them come true. Our courses have been meticulously crafted to bring out the best in our students.

By addressing the most common and uncommon situations during your class time, you will be prepared to handle any English related scenario you can think of.

Whether you want to discuss the nuances of how to make great poutine or work for international corporations, SSLC will help make your dreams come true.

Innovative Learning and Interactive Class-Time

By giving our students the latest advancements in the education space, we make learning fun and exciting.

When students come to SSLC they are excited and eager to begin learning English. Throughout the years we have learned that students learn best when they are motivated by their interests and passions.

The best way to relate learning English to the interests of students is through the use of modern technology. Innovative and unique lesson plans geared towards interactivity create a wonderfully authentic experience for our students.

This style of learning creates a fun atmosphere where both the student and teacher are actively communicating. Studies have shown that when you are learning in an engaging and entertaining way, you begin to retain information subconsciously.

Over the years we have honed in on our core strengths to provide a world-class experience for each and every student.

Students from over 75 countries around the world


We are passionate about what we do

For us, teaching English is more than just a job. SSLC is geared towards your long-term success. When we enroll a student in our classes, we look toward a future of long-term success and English language retention.

When you learn English in a method that fosters long-term retention, your curriculum will focus on repetition and verbal communication.


Students at SSLC understand that we genuinely care about your progress. Great instructors know that every student has a different way they like to learn. No two students are exactly alike.

We tailor our instruction to the needs of each one of our students. By paying attention to the learning styles of our students, we go the extra mile in making sure your needs are always met.

Nothing makes us feel better than to see our students succeed. Join us at SSLC to enhance the quality and success of your life.

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